News Update




Price Adjustment (Valid for Year 2014)


50 Sen for S, M and L Size

RM 1 for XL and XXL Size





To 12, Jalan Kancil (Road Opposite from current location) on

19th MARCH 2009. The shop is named Restoran Ho Seng Kee.




Registered Trademark and Registered Servicemark


In August 2008, we have received the Certification for both TM and SM application. Our Logo has amended to ®.




Difference between us and the "Rumored Relative"


Ho Seng Kee

"Rumored Relative"

Owner's Surname


Not "Ho"

Owner's Dialect


Not "Cantonese'

Family Members

Small Scale

Big Scale




Trademark (TM) and Servicemark (SM) Successfully Applied in Mid 2006


One of the oldest business in Johor Bahru finally get its TM and SM application.

The applications include the English and Chinese characters.

They will be converted to Registered Mark in less than 2 years time after the related Government department thorough considerations. Estimated by 2nd Half of Year 2008.

Therefore it is to be announced to public that we have applied for the characters.

Any noodle vendors (TM) and Restaurants (SM) should be aware that they will not use similar characters (either English or Chinese).






Every customers are strongly advised to park your cars in parking lots available.

Even if your car is not in parking lots, you are also advised to put parking coupons.

From Monday to Saturday, cars in public parking lots are required to place the car park coupons.

For our customers, you can purchase a 1-hour ticket or a half-hour ticket from us at no extra cost.

If you would like to purchase the all booklet of tickets, you may approach nearby Mini-marts.

A 1-hour ticket and a half-hour ticket cost RM 0.60 and RM 0.40 respectively.





Tips on Take-Away Wan-tan Mee


Thank you for purchasing our "Da Bao" - Take-away Noodle.

If you had not consume it immediately, the noodle will absorb some of the sauce and you may think the noodle has "dried up".

Yet our noodle did not not become soggy. So what should you do?

Method 1: Easy and simple - Add in a little warm or hot water and stir.

Method 2: Today's Technology - Place the noodle onto a plate and add in some water. Cover the noodle and Heat in Microwave for about 2-3 minutes.





Do You have the time to Spare and "Wait"


You may want to have a taste of our noodle. So you went to Restoran Ho Seng Kee, waited for some time and noodle was still not served. Perhaps you think you waited too long and decide to cancel your order.

This is an example encounter during weekends or public holidays.

All customers' orders are done in order, Fair and Square, be she/he a long-time customer or a new customer. We sincerely thank your support but at times customers have to wait for 30 minutes or much longer. At times, noodle can be served within minutes. Waiting time depends largely on the queue and quantity.

We have done our best and we hope you will not regret after your wait.







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