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The Founder was the late Mr. Ho Seng (Full name: Ho Seng Kao), whom came from the Mainland China, Canton State, Jiang Men Province, Xin Hui County, Mai Yuan Village before World War 2.

After settling in Johor, he started working under the Luo Family in Pontian.

The Luo Family business comprises of Light Sauce Manufacturing & Retail and Noodle Making and Retail (The Luo Family has now stopped making noodle but continue selling Wantan Mee).

After acquring the skills of noodle making and knowledge of of light sauce usage, Ho Seng Kao begins the noodle business in Johor Bahru.



He setup "Ho Seng Kee", with "Kee" as the norm jargon for small business.

Later Kin (Nephew of Ho Seng) continues with the noodle business before passing it to Weng (Son of Ho Seng, Current Co-owner, from 1960s.


The line continues with Yin (Son of Weng) from 2003 who has helped in business since childhood days.

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Our noodle is produced on daily basis.

Traditional formulation, our 100% (Duck eggs and Chicken Eggs) noodle are made from top quality high protein flour, with no added preservatives or colouring, which is unique from others.

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1. Ho Seng Kee is a registered business name, registered trademark and registered servicemark (both Chinese and English).


2. Ho Seng Kee has no branch or any subsidiary.


3. Ho Seng Kee do not produce noodle for other noodle sellers.


Distinctive Difference between

HSK and the "Rumored Relative"


Ho Seng Kee

"Rumored Relative"

Owner's Surname


Not "Ho"

Owner's Dialect


Not "Cantonese'

Family Members

Small Scale

Big Scale







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