Handbook (Step by step instructions) to Interactive Discussion Forum


In the Forum, Visitors may view all the discussions but cannot post any topic
except for registered members.

The following steps are preparing you to successfully become a valid membership for the internet forum.

*The membership for the internet forum is FREE. Registration is easy and FREE. Posting of all messages are also FREE.


Step 1

Go into the Forum and click on Register.


Step 2

Select a username (any username you like, eg. spiderman) and your email
address as requested.


Step 3

The web system will automatically send you an email to your email address informing you of your password. so, please check your email.


Step 4

Key in the password given or click directly on the link in the email.


Step 5

You should have successfully become a member of Ho Seng Kee Forum.


Step 6

To post under your favorite category, click to enter and click "Post a new
topic" to start a new thread. The system reflects your words automatically and
immediately after you have posted your messages.


Step 7

Please be advised to change your password at your convenience, although the Forum will remember your IP address.


Step 8

Go to Forum now!




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