Important Information





1. Ho Seng Kee is a registered business name and has no branches.


2. Ho Seng Kee do not provide the noodle for other noodle sellers.


3. Ho Seng Kee has no other business links or kin relationships with other noodle businesses that claimed to be selling our noodle.





Ho Seng Kee, founded in the early 1940s by the late Mr. Ho Seng (Full name: Ho Seng Kao), whom came from the Mainland China.


He setup "Ho Seng Kee", with "Kee" as the norm jargon for small business.



About Noodle


Our noodle is produced on daily basis in the morning.


Our 100% egg noodle are made from top quality flour, with no added preservatives or colouring, which is unique from others.