Cooked Noodle to Singapore (CLARIFICATION)


22nd November 2004. From our customer's latest information and feedback from AVA Singapore, Cooked Noodle CAN BE BROUGHT INTO Singapore.




Car Parking Coupon


Every Monday to Saturday, cars in public parking lots are required to place the car park coupons.


For our customers, you can purchase a 1-hour ticket or a half-hour ticket from us at no extra cost.


If you would like to purchase the all booklet of tickets, you may approach nearby Mini-marts.


A 1-hour ticket and a half-hour ticket cost RM 0.60 and RM 0.40 respectively.



Tips on Take-Away Wan-tan Mee


Thank you for purchasing our "Da Bao" - Take-away Noodle, if any.


If you had not consume it immediately, the noodle will absorb some of the sauce and you may think the noodle has "dried up". Yet our noodle did not not become soggy. So what should you do?


Method 1: Easy and simple - Add in a little warm or hot water and stir.


Method 2: Modern Technology - Place the noodle onto a plate and add in some water. Heat in Microwave for about 5 minutes.