Ho Seng Kee Noodle



Our Mee (noodle) is

  1. Daily Made
  2. 100% Egg Noodle
  3. Top Class Flour Made
  4. Preservatives Free
  5. Artifical Colouring Free
  6. Artifical Flavouring (MSG) Free

You can even choose the Less Oil Version or Non-Oil version.



Pricing (RM)


Large -------------5.00



Wan-tan Soup---3.00




Our Wan-tan Mee comes with customizable options as below:


1. Noodle Dry with one small Pork Rib Soup


2. Noodle Soup (Noodle in Pork Rib Soup)



Chinese Festive Season Custom


Ren Ri - The Seventh Day of Lunar New Year - which symbolises all human being's birthday.

People consume noodle because long noodle represents Longevity - a traditional form of auspicious festive greetings.


It is also a auspicious for a person celebrating his/her chinese birthday to consume Noodle, with meaning of longevity.