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The Founder - Mr. Ho Seng (Full name: Ho Seng Kao) came from Mai Yuan Village in Xinhui District, Jiangmen City, Guangdong Province of Southern China. He settled in JB, before WWII, in search for a better living.

Started Humbly as a Wantan Mee mobile Push-Cart along Jalan Siu Nam, HSK's founding year was an Unsung Story. However, it was later authenticated by Malaysia's Mainstream Chinese Press, Sin Chew Daily. The article confirms that Ho Seng's Disciple, Mr. Luo had started selling wantan mee in Pontian in 1936, after learning the essence of Noodle Making and Cooking Skills from Ho Seng. We reservedly placed HSK's Founding Year as 1936.

HSK moved into Restoran Chuan Seng after WWII as a Noodle Stall tenant. When Ho Seng passed away in 1963, Robin Ho quit school at age 16, to continue his father's business.

After picking up essential skills from his Mother and Cousin brother, Robin Ho officially succeed as the 2nd Generation Successor in 1966.

Robin Ho works wholeheartedly with a Humble Attitude to preserve HSK's hand-kneaded noodle. His Classic “Tossed-Dry” fashioned Wantan Mee has embeded into his supporters' Memory.

He continue to serve for 37 years in Restoran Chuan Seng before moving to Restoran Huo Lin at Taman Century in 2003.

创始人 - 何成球在第二次世界大战前,就从中国广东省江門市新会区南来马来西亚新山卖云吞面谋生。开始是在市中心的兆南路,推着小档口卖面。创始年份无从考究,但却能从星洲日报报道其徒弟在1936年学会打面功夫,并在笨珍卖起云吞面后查证。战后,何成球夫妇搬到明里南街的泉成咖啡店。何成球于1963年逝世。

其儿子 - 何耀荣为了延续父亲的家业,于16岁辍学向母亲与堂哥学习,并在1966年胜任为第二代掌门人,接棒父亲的生意。何耀荣带着勤奋谦卑的态度,延续手工的制面方式,煮出口感十足的干捞云吞面,俘虏了新山人的味蕾。在泉成咖啡店卖面卖了37年,于2003年搬到世纪花园的哈里茂路,继续以小档口的方式经营。

Key Persons

Elton Ho

During 2003, Elton Ho returned from Singapore to serve in HSK. Under intensive training by his father Robin, Elton became the 3rd Generation Successor in 2008. In the same year. Elton acquired Trademark and Servicemark for HSK to secure it's Unique Brand.

In 2009, HSK moved to Jalan Kancil, a close proximity to former location. This move was to better serve consumers as a Specialized Wantan Mee restaurant, under a Clean and Tidy Dining Environment. Customer volume rose steadily over the few years and the waiting time was astonishing. In 2013, Robin has Officially Retired.

To Improve on Waiting Time and to serve a Larger Customer Volume, HSK made a Bold Decision to shift the business to City Square, a bustling shopping mall in 2015.

The expansion has successfully changed the One-Man Show to a Teamwork Business Model, extending the serving hours from 10am till 9pm with All Year round operation.

On top of the Nostalgic Traditional Flavour of Authentic JB Styled Wantan Mee, additional Menu such as Prawn Dumpling Mee and a wide variety of Local Food have provided a pleasant dining experience.

The Business expanded to 2 Lot Size area, totaling over 5000 square feet by End 2019It serves even more customers with more comfortable space and ambience


2003年,何耀荣的三子,即是第三代掌门人 – 何伟源,从新国回马,跟其父亲拜师学艺,重新起步,开始了学习烫面与手工制面的路程。在何耀荣的栽培下,于2008年年头接手父亲的生意,于同年年中替“何成记”注册服务与其货品商标,让它成为全国的唯一品牌。

年搬迁至Jalan Kancil,以专卖店的方式出发,专卖云吞面及饮品。专卖店以干净又舒适的环境,结合传统的经营模式,生意量再上一层,每天都客似云来。



Our Noodle

Our noodle is produced on daily basis, Traditional formulation, our 100% (Duck eggs and Chicken Eggs) noodle are made from top quality high protein flour, with no added preservatives or colouring, which is unique from others.

  • Daily Made 100% Egg based (Duck Eggs and Chicken Eggs)
  • 100% Top Grade,
  • High-Protein (12.5% - 13.5%) flour milled from best Canadian quality Hard Spring wheat
  • Preservatives Free
  • Artifical Colouring Free
  • Low Levels of Lye Water


* 每日自制 

* 全蛋制(使用鸭蛋与鸡蛋)

* 使用高根、高蛋白质面粉制成 

* 无腐剂、无人造色素 

* 含低量碱水 

* 无苦涩味

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